Mobile Billing Issues

Anonymous Users / Non-Registered

Suppose you upgraded your account as a non-logged-in user. In that case, you should create an account to access all of the features that paid LAIT911 accounts have to offer, such as accessing our interactive web dashboard or LAIT911 on multiple devices.

To transfer your paid LAIT911 membership to your logged-in account:

  • Open the Settings (gear icon) on LAIT911 Mobile
  • Ensure you are logged into your LAIT911 account
  • Navigate to Manage Billing
  • Click the red link at the bottom of the screen Restore Purchases.
  • Your paid account should now transfer to your logged-in username and apply to any new device you login into.

This process may take 15-30 seconds after submitting. If you continue to have issues, please reach out to

I paid, but my account was never upgraded.

Sometimes computer-to-computer messages get lost in cyberspace. If your purchase was successful, but your account is not upgraded, don't hesitate to contact us via with your username or use the Customer Support feature on the Settings page of LAIT911 Mobile.

While rare, this is typically an easy fix on our part, and we should have you up and running within a few minutes.

I want a refund...

All LAIT911 subscriptions operate on an auto-renewal basis. No refunds are provided for accounts that are found in violation of our terms of service. Our refund procedures are different depending on what market you subscribed on.

Web or Google Play

If you have subscribed to a free trial for a LAIT911 service, your account will be automatically billed at the end of the free trial unless canceled prior. Users who are billed for the service after a trial have 24 hours to dispute charges to be eligible for a refund.

If not after a trial, only users billed annually are eligible for a refund if they submit their request within 24 hours of the charge.

Users may cancel, modify or manage their billing at any time in the Billing Dashboard.

Users who are billed for the service are not eligible for any refunds unless otherwise stated.

To submit a refund request, please email with your LAIT911 account information, or submit a message through the LAIT911 Mobile app.


LAIT911 is not able to provide refunds directly for purchases or subscriptions made through Apple Pay. To request a refund directly from Apple, please complete this form.

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