LAIT911 for Teams supports user-to-user messaging. This allows you to communicate with your team without ever leaving the CAD.

You can send a member of your team a CAD Alert by visiting the Team Dashboard. On the Team Dashboard, all members of your team will display along with their activity status and their Code-6 Status.

The activity status displays red or green depending on whether they are logged into their account. It may be possible that the user has LAIT911 open and is shown online, but is not actively monitoring the system.

If the user logs out of LAIT911 or closes the browser/tab, their activity status will change to Offline typically within five minutes. You can still message offline users, but they won't receive the notification until they log back in.

You have the ability to send individual users a CAD Alert by clicking the blue link next to their usernames. After clicking the link, you will be redirected to your My Messages page where you can send a message to the chosen user of a length of fewer than 2048 characters.

Upon sending the message, you will see a receipt confirmation in the Sent Messages box, and the recipient will receive an audible and visual notification as long as they are logged into their account. The recipient/incoming message notification looks similar to the one below.

Upon clicking OK, the recipient will be redirected to their My Messages tab where they can view their unread messages or reply to the message sent.

If the recipient user is not logged in at the time of the message, or they do not open and read the message. The following notice will display the next time they log in to

In addition to sending messages individually, team users can send a message to their entire team at once by using the Send Team Alert function on the Team Dashboard.

This feature should be used sparingly as it can be disruptive to users' workflows. Ensure you use this feature in accordance with your Team Manager's policies.

Please reach out to support if you have any questions or issues with the messaging features.

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