There is absolutely no cost to users to enable incident alerts in their home and neighboring zip codes.

Simply navigate to your User Dashboard, ensure both your phone number and home zip code are up-to-date, and toggle the "Enable Home Alerts" button.

What types of alerts will I receive?

You will automatically receive alerts for any LAFD incidents with 20 or more LAFD apparatus responding. Common alerted incidents include Vegetation Fires, Structure Fires, and Rescue Missions. You may also receive other alerts for incidents deemed as impacting public safety from our team of analysts and admin staff. The number of alerts you receive will depend on how busy your surrounding region is. 1-3 per week is what we see on average for most zip codes.

You will only receive alerts for incidents that occur in your home zip code, or a directly bordering zip code.

How do I find out more information about a specific alert?

A link to the LAIT911 incident will be sent via text message that provides more information on the incident as it becomes available.

How do I opt-out of alerts?

You can opt-out of alerts at any time by visiting your user dashboard and unchecking the "Enable Home Location Alerts" button, or simply by replying STOP to any message received.

What if I want more control over the alerts, or want to be notified for a broader area?

Upgrade your account to Basic or Premium to gain more control over alert settings, location, and delivery method.

Basic users are able to receive push notifications to their Phones, Tablets, or Desktop via Slack or our iOS & Android mobile app. Premium users can also enable custom alerting via phone calls or SMS messaging.

I have additional questions...

Please reach out to our support team using the live chat feature in the lower-right corner when signed into your account, or email [email protected].

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