Thank you for your interest in joining LAIT911 as an Incident Admin. A LAIT911 Incident Admin is similar to a police/fire dispatcher role. Incident admins have a few responsibilities, including:

  • Associating radio recordings with incidents

  • Providing additional information and context to active incidents

  • Monitoring community provided information for accuracy

To be a successful LAIT911 dispatcher, you must have an in-depth understanding of LAFD procedures, including responding apparatus, divisions, and radio transmissions. Owning an emergency radio or scanner is not required but recommended. You can listen to and associate recordings via our admin dashboard.

A desktop or laptop device with an internet connection is also a must. Our dispatch portal is not compatible with mobile devices. And most importantly, attention to detail and integrity. LAIT911 is known for providing accurate real-time information, and providing misinformation, even unintentionally, will quickly destroy public trust.

Interested in being a LAIT911 Incident Admin?

Email [email protected] with the following information:

  • Your username

  • Zip code in which you primarily reside

  • Professional affiliations, background, qualifications

  • Number of hours per week you're willing to monitor

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