Once the LAIT911.com team approves your signup request, you'll receive an email invite from Active911 inviting you to claim your account.

Once your account is activated, and your password is set, the next step is activating your Active911 account. Active911 directly charges our users $15/year per device. When you log in to your newly created account, you will see a message that reads similar to "Fix this now for $15". Click that link and follow the instructions to pay with Credit Card or PayPal. Once your account is activated you can continue to set up your mobile device.

The first step is downloading the ActiveAlert mobile app from Google Play or the App store and activating the mobile application by logging in with your newly created Active911 account or confirming your mobile phone number.

For additional assistance on the activation process, please visit Active911's Device Activation help article here.

*** Activating Alerts ***

By default, your account will be set to the "Always" groups which will notify you for every alert sent through LAIT911 with five or more responders.

To manage additional notification options, navigate to Settings -> Groups and select the appropriate options you wish to be notified for. The groups that you see are matched on the responding apparatus or first-in fire station.

For example, if you deselect "Always", and if you select BC1 - you will only be notified for incidents that BC1 is dispatched to. If you select FS9, you will only be notified for incidents that occur in Fire Station 9's first-in.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Incidents will be re-paged if five or more additional units are added to the incident. If you do not have the "Do not re-page updates" toggled in your Active911 Dashboard device settings, you will receive an additional alert for each re-page. If you do toggle this option, you will only receive only alert per incident.


*** Advanced Filter Criteria ***

If the pre-defined groups don't meet your requirements, you can create specific filters. Filters are only accessible in the Active911 dashboard (separate from your LAIT911 account, and not available in the mobile app).

If you're looking to use advanced filters, you must select and be subscribed to the "Always" group. Even though you are subscribed to the Always group, you will only be alerted of incidents that match your advanced criteria.

Examples of advanced filter criteria could be: E289, T89

This would only notify you of incidents that have E289 OR T89 responding.

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