ActiveAlert by Active911 is the official mobile solution of With Active911, LAFD dispatch alerts can be sent to your phone immediately. With the ActiveAlert mobile app, you can create advance notification criteria based on responding apparatus, first-in fire station, or even incident type. ActiveAlert notifications are able to bypass normal phone notification settings to ensure that you receive priority alerts even if your phone is on silent.

Access to ActiveAlert is only available to all LAIT911 Basic members at an additional cost of $15/year/device paid directly to Active911.

Only incidents with five or more responding apparatus are dispatched through ActiveAlert. ActiveAlert provides a limited interface to LAIT911 data, but calls may still be accessed through at any time.

ActiveAlert Data includes:

  • Call Type

  • Call Code

  • LAIT911 Incident Number

  • Call Timestamp

  • Address

  • Cross Street

  • City/Neighborhood

  • Coordinates

  • Station First-in

  • Battalion First-in

  • LAPD Division & RD

  • Responding LAFD Apparatus

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