The home page of LAIT displays all active incidents throughout the four bureaus of Los Angeles; Central, South, West & Valley. On the home page, you will find an overview of information on each of the incidents including: a unique ID number, a generalized location and neighborhood, the time the call was dispatched or reported, the type of incident, the LAFD units dispatched to the incident if available, and a link to view more information on that particular incident.

Active incidents will either display as white, red, or flashing red, depending on the severity of the individual incident. This is determined by the amount of responders dispatched to the incident by LAFD. Incidents with 5+ responding units will display as steady red, while incidents with 10+ responding units will flash red. If you have dark mode enabled, incidents will display as black, by default and use steady or flashing white to signify priority.

Below the list of active incidents, you will find a list of the last 25 cleared incidents. Cleared incidents contain the same information. However, a list of units dispatched will not be displayed, and incidents will not be assigned priority colors.

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