LAIT911 has enabled receiving alerts for a subset of categories by both SMS and Phone Calls. For those that work in media or public safety, this feature can mean the difference between sleeping on the job, or being one of the first to respond.

All notifications come from the same phone number, meaning you can add it to your contacts, and enable custom ringtones or alert sounds - ensuring you never miss a major incident again.

Currently SMS & Phone alerts are available for:

  • Rescue Operations

  • Structure Fires

  • Priority Traffic Collisions

  • 15+ Responding Unit Alerts

  • 25+ Responding Unit Alerts

This feature is part of LAIT911's upgraded features. You can learn more about LAIT911 pricing and how to upgrade your account here.

Once upgraded, to activate notifications for your account, login to your user dashboard, ensure that your 10-digit phone number is entered correctly and toggle the desired options in the Priority Alert Settings section.

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