provides real-time data on Los Angeles police and fire incidents. However, unless you're actively looking at the dashboard, you might miss out on an important incident relevant to you.

Slack works on all your devices already, and it's as simple as logging in and joining the channels you want to be notified of. Slack allows you to subscribe to notifications on a per-incident level without limitations and with the utmost customizability and flexibility.

Slack incorporates both LA County Fire and LAFD Incidents, with CHP notifications soon to come.

*To enable Slack Notifications on your account, you first have to be subscribed to our basic plan, which is just $4/month.*

Visit your User Dashboard and scroll down to the Slack Notifications box, and click the Join Slack button inside.


It's recommended to select the "Continue with Email" button. Enter the email address that you used to register for LAIT911 and your full name. If you aren't comfortable using your full name, you can use the username that you used to register for LAIT911.

After verifying your email address, Slack will direct you to complete the registration process, or download their desktop/mobile app. You can either continue the registration process online or download the app for your respective platform(s).

If asked to "Choose a few of the people you work with", you can skip this step by selecting "I'll do this later".

Once registered and logged in, you'll automatically be subscribed to the following channels.

  • #all_incidents

  • #major_incidents

  • #central_all

  • #south_all

  • #valley_all

  • #west_all

*****Slack is for READ-ONLY notifications. Under no circumstances should you reply to, or create a message in any of the public channels. This will result in immediete and permanent termination of your account.*****

It's reccomended to change your notification settings for each of the default channels to your liking. You can view Slack's help article HERE on how to manage notifications on a per channel instance.

The channels you're subscribed to are just the default, and you can join other channels that may be more relevant to you. Instructions on how to browse and search for channels can be found HERE.

All LAFD channels follow the format of #division_incidenttype, all LACoFD channels follow the format of #lacofdX_incidenttype where X is the division number.

You can also subscribe to #lacofd_all_incidents and #lacofd_major_incidents for all LA County Incidents, or #lacofdX_all for all incidents in that division.

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